John Hansen – Black belt

John is a First degree Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, under Rodrigo Vaghi, and the Head Coach of Axios BJJ. One of the founding members of the Blackfish, John has spent the last decade of his life devoted to training and perfecting the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A 2x World Champion (2016, 2017 Blackbelt No-Gi), John has been competing on the World Stage since 2010, and is a 10x World Medalist; Pan-American Champion; multi-time National Champion; and Abu Dhabi Pro Trials winner, who started his endeavor learning on the internet before finally taking on a teaching position. After his 2010 silver medal finish at No-Gi World’s, as a Purple belt, he was promoted to Brown belt by Luis ‘Sucuri‘ Togno of Alliance BJJ.

Tragedy struck, shortly thereafter, when Luis was hit by a drunk driver, while driving to teach BJJ. John flew the Sucuri banner for the rest of the year, but ended up patching over to World Champion coach and competitor, Rodrigo Vaghi. Since then, John has flown the flag of Team Vaghi and continues to represent him, every time he steps on the mat.

John began teaching as a way to give back to the community that has given him so much success, passion and purpose in his life. He takes pride in the Blackfish and truly counts them as his own family.

John’s accolades are as follows:

2019 ADCC West Coast Trials +100kgs Runner-Up.

2019 Team USA Grappling World Team Member (+100kgs) Gi & NoGi UWW.

2019 IBJJF NoGi American Nationals National Champion (+100kgs)

2019 IBJJF American Nationals Gi Absolute runner-up.

2x IBJJF NoGi World Champion (Black belt 2016, 2017).

IBJJF Pan-American Champion (Brown belt 2013).

2018 IBJJF NoGi American National Champion (+100kgs).

11x World Medalist (Black belt 2017, 2016) (Brown belt 2014, 2013×2, 2012×2, 2011×3) (Purple belt 2010×1).

Abu-Dhabi Pro Trials Champion (Brown/Black belt 2013).

Multi-time National Champion.

Various IBJJF tournaments and other regional competitions; John is always excited to compete against other skilled opponents, seeking a match.

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