Brian Donohoe – Black belt

The 2018 NoGi Master III Brown Belt Ultra Heavy World Champion!

The 2017 Master III Purple Belt Ultra Heavy World Champion!

Years in Athletics/ Sports – Since I can remember so probably like age 7

Years in BJJ- 15 years?
Years in Football- 11 years
Years in Combat sports- 15 years
I got into sports- because I saw my parents playing tennis, basketball, soccer and softball growing up. It was something I loved to watch and be a part of. As I got older I meet and learn from extraordinary coaches and teammates throughout all the sports I competed in. I liked to be around people with similar goals and that liked to compete and win.
Sport is the best training for a successful life. It demonstrates that our small daily choices put us in a position to be successful. That success in not guaranteed but the more we focus on the small daily decisions the better our outcomes usually are. Losing is not failure unless nothing was learned from it. I have come to believe not being successful as successful as we want is the greatest teacher we have. Learning from not reaching a goal is an indication of your growth and progress when you compare it to where you started. You have to be brave and take a risk to place yourself out there on display of all the decisions you have made to that point.
My parents and extended family set a standard of hard work without complaint or pity. Gratitude was a theme too. For the people who supported you since nothing of note is ever done alone. Gratitude for the abilities that you have to peruse your endeavors.
I guess I was always a fighter and just never new it until much later in life. Learning the hard way was a theme through out my life. I was always dropped into things and learned on the fly, but honestly that never really bothered me and I figure out I thrived in chaos.
Biggest Take Away

  1. Anything anyone has done you can attempt to do as long as you are willing to give up things in your life that do not help you towards that goal. (discipline)
  2. You only have to be brave for a second at a time or a breath/heartbeat. I mean by that is anything new or hard will be scary If you can breathe you can live another second and get through it. Once you get through it you can focus on getting better and learning whatever the skill.
  3. Find a great coach or mentor and see how they do it and learn from them. All things have processes and those can be modified and copied. Do not reinvent the wheel just modify it and make it better.
  4. Work hard daily on whatever skills you are trying to master. Some days it maybe a nightmare workout or training session other days it maybe focused recover and other days it maybe studying the thing you are working on.
  5. Anything you spend focused time and effort on you will improve. That improvement will grow your confidence in yourself.
  6. Be humble and always help those around you on their journey because by doing so you will grow in your endeavor. Once you think you know everything you are already a step behind.
  7. Find a way to have fun no matter how hard you are working and how bad the work sucks. I think this is the way you can maintain the gratitude and appreciation you need to be successful. How you do that depends on you but for me its always remembering where I started how far I have come and how much I have changed along the way.
  8. When in doubt go do something you will always feel better
  9. Be kind in how you talk to yourself, you have to be your biggest fan if you are not work on it.
  10. Hard work and adversity strip people down their cores and we see who they are. Nothing else does this, our society today does not lend itself to this process of self exmination. Once you see who you are really you can work on improving and growing.

Proudest Moments-
When I teach something to someone and I see them have success with it.
Being asked questions and impacting those around me.
Most recently the day I stepped on the mat on August 26 and won worlds in adult masters purple ultra- heavy. I was full of gratitude for the people in my life and how I was there to represent them and my work.
New People ideas to consider

  1. Be proud of yourself you are already growing by walking through the door that is the toughest part. You have already won the day, now learn something.
  2. It is a process with ups and downs. Focus on doing one tech/ movement/ grip daily and that is your win and all you should focus on.
  3. Ask questions every one learns differently.
  4. Have fun and get to know the people around you cannot do any sport by yourself.
  5. Learn the language and rules of the sport

What I try to bring

  1. Lead by example of hard work, having a positive attitude to motivate people to do their best, and doing my best to be a resource of knowledge.
  2. Be the best man I can be and foster those around me to be the best people they can be through my actions words and deeds.
  3. Humility in that I try to always learn.
  4. Gratitude to be able to share peoples time and get to them on their journey
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